Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church - Hot Springs Village, AR
b_300_169_16777215_01_images_2017_Photos_2017_Valentines_Party.jpgOn Valentine's Day, members,spouses, dates, and friends met for a dinner prepared and served by the staff of Johnna's at the Desoto Club.  After dinner, Program Director Buddy Dixon led a program celebrating Valentine Day.  All couples entered their number of years of marriage on slips of paper, which were then tabulated, and guesses were made by attendees as to the total number of years of marriage for the group.  Two winners recieved bottles of wine donated by Cork & Bottle liquor store.  The total number of years was over 1900 years for the 46 couples attending.  Buddy then called on four differant members to sing a love song each to their spouse.  A good time was had by all.